My Electrical Husband

I’ve been married to John Shook since 1963. In his early twenties he found he was just naturally good at electrical projects and that is where his expertise has been for over 50 years now.  He gained experience at RCA, Maul Tech and Ford  in Indianapolis as a young electrician.  In the late 70’s we moved to California and he went to work at Disneyland as an electrician.  Soon he was in charge of all the electricians and eventually in charge of all the maintenance in the park!  After 23 years with Disney, we tired of the hectic life and horrible traffic and we moved to northern California.   John worked for the State of California as an amusement ride inspector for several years, then went into business for himself, still as an amusement ride inspector and also as an electrical contractor.    We owned an electrical contracting company for 12 years, then sold it and “retired” kinda sorta.   He feels the  need to share his 50 plus years of electrical knowledge.  Pull up “Electricians Need to Know John Shook” on You Tube and watch him teach little electrical tricks to trainees, apprentices and homeowner do-it-yourselfers.  Even older electricians could learn a few things from a guy with over 50 years experience.  He put together a small “electrical buss kit” to help electricians properly clean electrical panels and is selling them through Amazon and his website

Married to John 55 years now – he’s a keeper!