My small website is a base for several things, my mobile notary public work, my genealogy, my husband’s electrical advice and to display our fairy tale and family tree posters.    If you are interested in fairy tales, please check out my page on the fun prints we offer.  I actually wrote a book called Corky’s Five Minute Fairy Tales.  It is available on Amazon.  We hope to eventually add coloring books and puzzles.

Eventually we will also be offering copies of family tree posters that can be personalized with your family names.  This is still a work in progress, but….more is to come on that.

I have been married to John C. Shook for nearly 56  years. We had  a really fun party last year when we celebrated our 55th anniversary.

My husband has been an electrician for over 50 years!  He has been putting videos on You Tube to pass some of his 50 plus years of knowledge on to other electricians.   He can help younger electricians learn things they didn’t even know they needed to know….from an oldie but goodie electrician!   You can watch some of his You Tube videos by typing in “Electricians Need To Know John Shook.”  We can either one be reached at 916-783-3617 or pat@patsplaces.com